About Us

Pontchartrain Mechanical Co., Inc. was founded in February 1972 and over the years has become one of the largest and leading mechanical contractors serving Louisiana and the Gulf Coast. Pontchartrain Mechanical has 150 full-time, professional employees providing heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and plumbing services with a sales volume exceeding 20 million dollars.

To understand the reasons for Pontchartrain’s continued growth, you have to understand their commitment to customer service, training and quality workmanship.  Because of the technical expertise of their in-house engineers, they are able to offer their clients complete, true design-build services.  These include: complete fabrication in a 12,000 square foot shop, and installation and service for all commercial and residential heating, ventilation, air conditioning and plumbing systems. Our design-build capability has saved hundreds of builders, contractors and developers both time and money.  Pontchartrain’s engineering knowledge combined with over 40 years experience with successful installations create a unique resource, providing solid design within budget and spelling success for the developer and end user.  With all engineering, design and auto-cad, as well as piping and duct work fabrication done in-house, fast tracking is certainly one of our strengths.  With this total in-house concept, there are fewer labor and supplier problems to slow jobs and raise costs.

Pontchartrain Mechanical has earned a solid reputation for controlling costs while providing the highest level of quality.



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