Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. New Orleans Bayou ChapterWe are very proud of our Federally Approved Apprenticeship Program mentored by the Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. New Orleans Bayou Chapter.

PMC trains all of our apprentices in-house at our facility in the areas of Plumbing and Sheetmetal.

To qualify for the program, all applicants must be at least 18 years of age and shall have completed a 12th grade education or achieved GED. Each applicant must also pass an aptitude test that is issued by the Apprentice Committee.

Federally Approved Apprenticeship ProgramThis is a four-year curriculum including 8,000 hours on-the-job training at graduated rates of pay as you complete each semester. This program is dedicated to providing an education and on-the-job training for young men and/or women with one goal in mind – “they desire to learn a trade and become financially successful.”

During the four years, young apprentices attend class two nights per week for 3 hours each and they learn basic fundamentals of their trade and advance to “hands on” techniques. They will also learn in depth how to use and handle tools and materials, OSHA Safety Standards, how to read blueprints, fabrication, become familiar with appropriate installation codes and how to maintain, repair and/or test systems and/or equipment. We arrange with various vendors several speakers throughout the semester that engage with the class and discuss new projects, safety matters, or general topics of interest.

Federally Approved Apprenticeship ProgramThe apprentices are employed full-time by Pontchartrain Mechanical Co., Inc. for the term of their apprenticeship, receiving wages and benefits. Upon successful completion of this four year/8,000 hour program, students become journeymen in their trade and continue their employment with PMC.

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