For the past 40 years, Pontchartrain Mechanical has served the industrial, commercial, multi-family and single family residential markets. Their Customer Service division concentrates on personalized service and maintenance contracts.

The Commercial/Industrial Division has been responsible for the designing, building and installing of complete environmental and plumbing systems for some of the largest and most complex commercial and industrial structures in the region. But the same care and quality goes into every project no matter how large or small, complicated or simple.

The Multi-Family Housing Division has years of experience in the design and installation of environmental and plumbing systems for a wide variety of multi-family dwellings. These range from duplex to townhouse to apartment and condominium complexes that involved hundreds of individual units.

The Customer Service Division was developed to insure the finest service to Pontchartrain Mechanical customers. All installed systems carry a standard one-year warranty on parts and labor. Besides standard service and warranty claims, Pontchartrain Mechanical also offers personalized service contracts that insure preferential service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With this contract, no premium is charged for repairs made on weekends, holidays or calls made after business hours. This contract also includes preventative maintenance, filter changes, labor and parts.

Because Pontchartrain Mechanical has experience in designing and building residential and commercial systems, they are able to provide service for any heating, ventilating, air conditioning or plumbing system. At Pontchartrain Mechanical, customers choose the amount of coverage they require. This guarantees only the coverage needed and helps keep costs under control.

Whatever your mechanical needs, call (504) 738-3061 today and put Pontchartrain Mechanical’s experience to work for you.

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