Design / Build

warehousepicThe design/build concept in contracting is a relationship-based way of reducing the time and cost to get a project done. As contractor/engineer, Pontchartrain works directly with the architect and developer, and is in a unique position to balance budget constraints with solid engineering, eliminating non-essential costs with focus on value in money spent initially as well as future energy and maintenance costs.

Design/build usually shortens the time to complete a project by overlapping design, construction and bidding periods, and redesigns are eliminated. It allows construction to begin as design details are finalized – also known as a “fast-track” technique in the construction world. It also accelerates response times and resolves concerns and disputes quicker through a team environment with single-source responsibility. It reduces construction delays due to design issues and virtually eliminates change orders because the design and construction are performed by the same people under the same contract. All mechanical engineering and Auto-CAD work is done in-house by full time Pontchartrain employees.

Overall, design/build results in greater originality and flexibility in the selection of design, materials, and construction methods because the designers and contractors are one and the same. Typically, not only will the initial cost be lower, but condensed project delivery time will result in additional savings for the owner.

Although design/build is not the best way to go to market for every project, it certainly fits the bill for many.

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